About me


  • Nickname: BenTLor – you will find me on all the forums that I visit with this nickname.
  • E-mail: work@bentlor.hu
  • Facebook: BenTLor
  • Google+: BenceSzabóStA
  • LinkedIn: bentlor


  • Born: 26 July 1991., Szolnok, Hungary
  • Lived: Budapest (HU), St. Andrews (UK)
  • Schools:
  • Languages: English (professional proficiency), Hungarian (native), Spanish (elementary proficiency).


2011. October to 2012. July – Technician, Karinthy Frigyes High School

After helping out the technician for 4 years as a student, he left the school and I took over the job. I was responsible for managing the electronic equipment provided for teachers – laptops, projectors, smart boards, and creating all the necessary videos and sound extracts that they needed for teaching. In the meantime, sound/video recordings were taken and edited by myself on all the events of the school, including the 25th anniversary celebrations. For this, I used mostly free or Windows-provided software. We had to create DVDs of these events as well as publishing the scenes to the school’s YouTube page.

2007. October to present – Network and system admin (charity)

Being part of the voluntary system support team, we were working on various projects including a news screen application, building webmail, and an automated Windows XP installer using Linux servers with net boot and PE. Currently, our research is going on in the field of installation automation using Puppet for Linux and Windows 7. In the meantime we strive to keep the current system running and fixing any bugs that might come up in everyday use.


  • Windows XP/Vista/7 management
  • Programming (In order of proficiency: Java, C, Python, Haskell, JavaScript, PHP)
  • Linux advanced user skills
  • Video/Sound recording and editing
  • Small sound system building